Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seedlings Showing New Growth

My one and two-year-olds that I bought as seedlings from Welker's Nursery are really doing well in their new pots. They've been fairly inactive this past month, but recently, almost every branch on the seedlings has sprouted about an inch of new growth.

I Might Have Gone Overboard

It's not until about two months into my obsessive hobbies that I realize I've gone too far. Upon checking my bristlecone pine, giant sequoia, dawn redwood, coast redwood, and sunflower seeds for sprouts (while waiting for my purple pitcher plant, sensitive plant, and venus flytrap seeds to arrive in the mail)... I started thinking to myself... Have I gone crazy? I mean, I shouldn't have a problem finding a place to plant one hundred giant redwoods... After all, I do have about ten square feet of back yard.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Seed 4 - Fun with a Tripod

I just dusted off my old tripod, so I thought I'd try some extreme close-ups. This little guy is still my favorite.