Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seed #15 - Cotyledons Opening Upwards

Seed #14 - Secondary Leaves

Seed #10 - Straightening Out

This one is almost pointing straight up, but the seed coat still seems to have a pretty firm grasp. I'm never too optimistic about the seed coat coming off when it's on that tight.

Seed #9 - Secondary Leaves

Seed #7 - Goodbye, Old Friend...Hey, Nice Roots!

I was sad to see #7 go, but in his passing, I got a peak at some pretty cool roots. All of my sprouts that emerged with the seed coats have had a tougher time than the others, but on top of that, this guy's root system didn't go very deep at all. I wonder if that had a hand in his early death - too little surface moisture could have done him him.

Seed #6 - Secondary Leaves

Not the best close-up, but you can see the little secondary leaves poking out.

Seed #5 - Secondary Leaves

This is the first I've been able to see secondary leaves on this little guy.

Seed #4 - My Pride and Joy!

This guy was my first to show secondary leaves, and since then, they haven't stopped showing off. In another couple weeks, I can start giving this one tiny amounts of direct sunlight, and shortly thereafter, diluted fertilizer.

Seed #3 - Pushing Cotyledons From Seed Coat

I gave up on my toothpick method for this seedling. The seed coat was slipping out from the toothpicks, and the stem didn't look like it was responding well to the force. It's not looking too bad, however. If the cotyledons keep pushing, they might break free from the seed coat.

Seed #1 - Secondary Leaves

Looks like this one's going to make it after all, despite the shriveled cotyledon. You can see the secondary leaves pushing out from the center.